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    Rags to Riches

    Rather than bury the details and pics in my other thread, "Rides Again", I wanted to start a new thread for the truck because I am so dang proud of it. I hope that is okay.

    So, here is a list of the original parts: A arms and A arm suspension pins

    And the list of replaced and upgraded parts: EVERYTHING else. And I mean everything including hardware. Right down to the the e-clips on the steering king pins.

    Sorry about the bright light on these. It's really sunny out.

    That about wraps up the rebuild. Only thing left to replace is the wheel hex nuts and switch to 32p gears. I got a set of aluminum hexes and the gears on the way. Once I get the hang of driving with the power of the new BL system and 2s lipo, I will get the 3s in there and open her up!!!!

    Coolest thing is I had enough parts to build another stampede for my 12 year old son. Brushed set up for him though.

    Happy bashing!!
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