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It was a snap using these ball end pliers. However you can just use a set of needle nose pliers as well, just bite on one side of the ball and the other side of the plastic con end, and you're good. Just be careful as many of the Traxxas balls have a larger flange on one side so you can only push it out one way.
And I've been using my teeth lol. The build looks great! Your blower fan is backwards. Since it's an induction fan its most efficient working with the forward motion of the car. In all honesty the fan is completely unnecessary for a vehicle of this weight. I would have gone with the Traxxas 7075 aluminum towers since I have bent those 6061 strc towers. I hope you don't experience that on your build though. I really like those 2.8s with low profile street fighters. I'm going to have to use them on my P4de truggy.