I haven't even had a chance to run my XO yet. Right now I'm just going trough it. I can't believe how loose the front end is. Each and every link/connection between the wheel and servo adds to the slop. Just the slop in the servo is a lot. Not to mention the wiggle in the arms. Then there's the caster and carrier. All of this really adds up to one really loose front end. I'm not sure how this translates into drivability.

What are the first areas of the front end should I focus on tightening up? And how to do so?

I don't want to completely rebuild the front right now if I don't have to. Quick and easy is preferred where ever that's possible.

I have seen/read somewhere about how some of these are done, but can't seem to find them, and don't know if there are other options to obtain the same results. I think they are buried in a thread somewhere. Hence the reason I started this one.

Thanks ahead, Bill