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Thread: "C" rating

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    "C" rating

    What is the lowest possible raring I should use ? I was looking to trade a friend for some40 c but did t know if those were good enough for the spartan. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I depends on the mah rating of the battery as well.

    5000 mah batteries are 5 ah. which means the battery will last 1 hr with a 5 amp load applied. (theoretically at least)

    If you multiply the amp rating x the C rating you get the MAX AMP DELIVERY the battery can provide without damage to the cells.

    So 5 ah x 40C = 200 amps.
    But a 4 ah battery x 40C = 160 amps.

    Within reason the higher the C rating the better for marine use, but I would recommend you have, at very minimum, 150 amps max draw capability for a stock Spartan. More is better.

    One thing to remember is there are no defined conventions for testing and determining C ratings. Battery manufactures are at liberty to determine their own testing methods. The result is, sometimes the C ratings are embellished a bit in the interest of marketing.

    One manufactures 5000mah 40C battery, may not perform the same as a 5000mah 40C battery from a different manufacture.

    This is why it is recommended practice to go with a bit higher C rating than needed, and not to mix batteries from different manufactures.

    The answer to your question is yes they will work in the Spartan if they are 4000mah batteries or higher from a reputable battery manufacture. (4000mah is minimum, I would suggest staying with 5000mah or better at 40C)

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    200ah or 40c/5000 would be the minimum i'd use, so 50c/4000mah, these boats are battery killers
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    I use 40c 3s lipos and they run fine. That boat sucks some current though....

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