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    bought New Traxxas dr1 heli... malfunction?

    first off i had a helicopter a year or so ago that i gave away so i have some experience.

    so i bought this brand new helicopter today the dr1 went to fly it and using just the throttle it went full speed forward and bent the rear rotor after smashing into a wall.. regardless how much i pulled back on the stick it went full speed into whatever was in the way.. left and right strafe worked though. it kept doing this until about a minute went by then it worked as it should. at about the 5th or 6th battery charge it happened again, going full throttle into a metal chair breaking the rear rotor and flybar on the very top of the helicopter..

    am i missing something? pulling all the way back on the stick why does it still go full speed ahead? yes the front of the chopper is facing away from me when i do this.. anyway its completely broken now and the metal shaft may be bent, but all i know is it wasnt from what i did since the controls seemed to be doing things i did not want. any thoughts on what i should do? VERY p'd off

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    contact traxxas and explain the situation
    summit /mustang /stampede-2s spc lipo

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