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    Installing big block and gears?

    Going to install an OS .28XZ and 18/36t gears. Anyone have a good tutorial for a newb to go by? Ive never done any major mods.

    Any discussion or comments on the setup are welcomed, setting it up for top speed on road.

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    Going to need a big block kit from traxxas. I hear alot of good things about the new era mounts but they aren't ever available. I had a hard time getting bb info concerning the traxxas bb kit...was told people moved on to bigger trucks. If u are looking for top speed u could go even higher on ur cb tooth count, I've seen 20t on eBay. Check utube revo big block conversion bible by squirrelod, alot of helpful info.
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    I know a lot of guys had to upgrade the trans when running anything bigger than a .26 engine. Robinson racing makes all steel trans gears for revo for about 100$.also run a high cb, sp gear combo. Less stress on the drivetrain. Wich u won't even notice with a .28

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