I have a 7.2V Villain. I have ordered new props (just the plastic EX props) for it and also want to upgrade the motors. I have liquid cooling in place already for motors and ESC. I am looking at the Atomik Fireball motors in either 19 or 21 turn... I believe the 19 turn motor is the lowest the XL-10M ESC is rated for. I am just running NiMH batteries, I have some 7.2 and some 8.4v packs that are from 3000mAh to 5000mAh. The boat is just for fun with my kids on the intracoastal waterway by my house so I don't want to spend the money upgrading everything to brushless or LiPo... (We also have a Slash, 2 Rustlers and 2 Stampedes so everything shares batteries!)

Also, the boat still has the stock pinion gears- 14T I believe. I've read that these may need to be changed to 12T?

Thoughts? I'm ready to pull the trigger on new motors, just can't decide which to buy! I've been researching online and in the forums for days, but most have gone brushless or the threads are so old links are dead or the recommended products are no longer available!