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    Need some advice. Slayer vs nitro slash

    New to the forums. I have had some rc cars before but sold them years back Looking to get back into it though. I had a few questions, I noticed that the nitro slash was only 2wd and it kind of pops wheelies and almost gets airborne.. Does the slayer stick to the ground better? Another question is I really want the Robby Gordon body would that fit on a slayer? Which one would everybody recommend

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    No the slayer stock doesn't pop wheelies it stays pretty planted and from all the research I've done no the slash body's won't directly fit with out modding it. And this is my second slayer now I just bought and 4wd is always the way to go IMO

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    The slash will not do wheelies in stock form, the tires simply don't have the grip for a truck of that weight.

    The slayer is a better truck for an average basher as it's 4wd. A 2wd slash will have a harder time negotiating rough terrain.
    There isn't much for videos for slayers, but it will drive like most 4wd short course trucks.

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