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    how to wire integy heat sink fan....

    I got my integy dual heat sink fan today, but not sure how to wire it. it came with a male end, and female end with some extra wire, and at the end of that the two wires are striped no connector. so just wondering what i do with those stripped ends? why do they not have a female connector on the end so you can just plug it to one of the extra channels?

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    Just plug those two stripped ends into the male end... make sure the esc is on when u do it... If your ESC shuts itself off its reverse polarity so you just need to reverse the two wires you inserted into the male end.. I have this exact same fan.. Im fairly sure you need to clip the edge of the receiver end of the connector so that it will slot into the receiver port properly... Or you could just cut those connectors off entirely, and solder the wires directly or use sta-kon's a crimper and shrink well...

    Hope this sorts you out.

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