so hey guys i finally got my beast back up and running but i had to replace the racers edge servo horn i bought a while back cuz the teeth were all stripped out. so my guy at my LHS cut me a deal on the same horn, i should have known better but what can i say im impatient. so i tried it and it seemed ok for a bit but after about 6-8 min of easy bashing on grass and asphalt i think i may have stripped the new horn! i have been searching for the most robust horn i can find, but it seems like robitronics and racers edge were the 1 and 2 choices of most forum peeps i found. with that being said i do wonder if my set up is making it difficult on the horn. i have a fairly beefy FLM 3908 Emaxx. switched dual stock servos for a 7955TG HItec servo and im running Trencher X's shoes on 1/2" offset desperado feet. i also just installed FLM shock towers and a set of Proline Powerstroke shocks....on a side note im not sure how much i like the powerstrokes. my ride seems to sag more than ever now! i may have to kick up the oil to a higher # i think i have some 80k oil i will try. any ideas on beefy servo horns and powerstroke shock adjustments? anybody think i need to go double servos? i been thinking it would make it easier on the horns....but @ over $100 for another hitec 7955TG i will have to save up for a while for that upgrade.