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    Protecting the blue glow plug wire, low compression?

    It has been about 2 years since I absolutely destroyed my transmission/differential and put the Jato in my attic. Figured my son would love the truck as much as me so I decided to finally fix it. I used to think it was a compression issue but after watching the tuning video several times I have it tuned and it seems to really haul. I can turn it over cold but when its warmed up I can't turn the flywheel past the compression stroke. The 3.3 has about a gallon through it as well as my learning curve too so I cant be mad. So question one, is it normal to be able to turn the flywheel cold but not warm?

    I know I can buy replacement glow plug wires on ebay for $2. I have 2 soldering irons and soldier so I can improvise if I have to too. What is left of the insulation on my blue wire is pretty banged up; I wanted to use fuel hose to protect it but that did not fit. I used about 4 or 5 layers of shrink wrap and have my fingers crossed. Should be good for a while?? I already replaced the EZstart harness so I don't feel bad if my blue wire is a Frankenstein. So number two is how are you protecting the glow plug wire.

    I broke the throttle/brake server so I ordered a new case for it, I will just change the top and remount it. I also ordered a new aluminum steering drag link, first one broke somehow, and bearings for the steering to replace the bushings since that has nagged me for a long long time. Also took the aluminum a arms off for the RPM ones that I had.

    I now remember why I love and hate the truck lol, its so much fun but expensive and time consuming Should be all set to bash this weekend to bash! And yes that is a ripped anaconda that has found a new job as a truck stand lol

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    I am on a similar boat,
    I have taken my Jato apart buying new Steering bell crank (broken) adding bearings..
    Also got get that Alu steering drag link.
    But the heat shrink over the blue wire.. never thought of that one! Thanks my blue wire seems to take the beating for all but will shrink wrap and hope for the best. I also tried fuel line with no luck.
    Thanks for the idea.. Beats what i was doing (wrapping it with electrical tape..

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    The heat shrink will hold up pretty well. A couple layers is best, when it get's beaten up too much just replace the heat shrink...
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