So my daughter has a 1st gen Emaxx and we were shopping for a new body at the hobby shop. She spoted a Revo 3.3 Proline Baja Bug body and loved it. Right away I thought this will be to long for the short wheelbase Emaxx. So I grabbed a Revo 2.5 body for a wheelbase comparison. The wheelbase between the two were sooo minor I figured to give it a try and if it did look silly I have other trucks I know it will fit on without a doubt.

Got the body home and plonked it down on the chassis to size it up... near perfect fit!!!!! The motor on the back hangs out about .5cm but all in all looked perfect. Just gotta lower the mounts and reamer the body holes Oh and paint, lol

Just throwing this out there to let peps know a Proline Revo3.3 Baja bug body does fit a 3906 chassis.