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    beadlock question

    I want to get some beadlock wheels for my maxx. I was wondering what my options are. Can i get pics and info on what wheels you run and pros or cons of running them. I like to change tires quite a bit and hate having 5 sets of wheels and tires was looking for just one set of rims and and a couple sets of tires. I just like the ideal of the beadlocks.

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    Firstly, Beadlocks are usually a pain to change out, much simpler to just unbolt the wheels, I know wheels can get expensive but u can reduce costs by runing cheap disk wheels on a bashing set or on sand tires or street tires where they actally look decent.

    As far as i know the only company who makes 3.8 size beadlocks is Maximizer. not sure if they even make them any more.

    You are also limited to manufacturer and size, obvously only 3.8 tires work on 3.8 wheels, but also I believe Maximizer ones were for old Proline Bead, so new proline tires, traxxas, hpi, and most other tires wont fit.

    Ill dig around and see if i have a few minutes extra, and be ware of fake beadlocks like the summit wheels, which have the beadlock strip but are actually glue tires.
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    Bead locks are also heavier... robbing performance and driving up temps.
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    I think it will take less time to unglue a tire than unscrew hundreds of screws. lol J/k - its not that bad, but its time consuming to screw/unscrew all them little screws.

    Maximizer only makes 3.2 bead locks. The most common 3.8 beadlocks are made by Axial. Proline has one true 3.8 beadlock. The 3.8 bead locks take 40 series tires - they are tires that mount on a bead like this: |_|______|_|

    Easiest thing is to just have a couple sets of tires.

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    For changing tires quickly, I would just go with glue-on rims. Beadlocks are gear for changing tires when they are worn out, or occasionally.

    Your best friend with beadlocks is an electric screwdriver. The trick is to not be dumb, you can strip out your screws pretty easily. The trick is to use the driver until you have just a little bit of daylight left between the screw and the rim, then torque it the rest of the way by hand,
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