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Thread: nitro 4 tec .15

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    nitro 4 tec .15

    just got this thing off ebay and it runs good but might want more speed so what motor will drop in pretty easy and it needs to be good quality and the second thing is what servos would you put in this thing i already upgraded the radio with a futaba t3prka 2.4ghz and i installed a lipo receiver battery pack and 4 new integy tires

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    the 2.5r is a good replacement for the original .15.. Traxxas makes a kit that has the correct mounts, header and links to make the motor drop right in. Other than that I would run a digital servo in place of the original 2018 that was probably in there. I run the 2070 in mine and its a good match for the car. not sure how the tires are going to hold up so be prepared to replace them often. I prefer to run foams now on my 4tec as the stock tires wear out or just explode with the faster motors.. Have fun, its a great car and very fast
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