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    Waterproof Motor Fan??

    About to buy the dewalt V2 Single 820 motor upgrade from Kershaw Designs and know that the Dewalts run hot. There is an option to buy a single or twin motor fan to fit the 820 motor which I am considering as I am thinking of going with the 19t pinion.

    My question - Are these fans, or any motor fans, likely to be waterproof?

    I have my e-Revo for dry running, so I wanna keep my Summit waterproof, so there's not point upgrading to a dewalt with a fan if the fan isn't waterproof!!

    Yes I know that gearing down is the easiest way to keep temps down, but I am doing the dewalt upgrade to get more speed, so I wanna go 19t pinion and a fan to keep it cool.


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    The fans won't be waterproof, and I can speak from experience that the heatsinks they sell won't fit the dewalt motor well enough to be effective.
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    Waterproof fan don't exist (well, 30mm size)
    But they are pretty resistant to water. Unless you submerge your summit underwater, the fan won't bother being splashed with water.
    Don't worry about your fan, they are really cheap and will last long. You can easily find 30mm fan on ebay if you break one.
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    Get you some corrosion X and soak the fan, wiring and all in it for 12-24 hrs. Take it out and place on paper towels or such and let dry for another 12-24 hrs. Not sure how long it will last but for a short time you will have a good water resistant fan.
    Another thing if running in real wet conditions good idea to either unplug the fan or have it on a switch like done on my builds so it can be turned off.
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    Don't bother with the fan. Get in the water, that will cool your motor.
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