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    I really love the REVO

    I am a Revo 3.3 guy. Not an advanced nitro guy by an means. Instead a 40 year old who likes to drive around a school yard or backyard. Sometimes when i crash I can fix it but sometimes I need to bring it in to the local hobby store.

    Last night on Craigs list I saw an electric stampede for sales for $100 that was mint. Included 2 batteries and two bodies. I decided to try electric. Now I know that you can't compare a stampede electric to a revo but I am going to try anyway.

    Stampede feels more like a toy. There is no joy of hearing the engine roar and the smell and smoke of nitro. There is no excitement when you know the car is running great. It felt more like a toy than a hobby.
    In addition and i think this is because it was a 2 wheel drive, it did not run on the grass near as well as my revo.

    On a positive side- No stalling, no after run procedures, no carrying around a tool box with fuel, ez start, etc.
    The electric is more of a grab and go- Hey I got 5 min and want to use my rc. But the real fun is when you hear the engine and race it to 2nd gear. Oh... This is the real big positive about the electrc. It is so much more durable than the nitro. That electric takes so much abuse where as the nitro seems so much more fragile and prone to getting destroyed in a crash.


    Having said all of this. The Stampede is only stock No lipo not brushless etc. But given the preference NITRO all the way

    I am curious to see what everyone else thinks.

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    I feel the same way you do about it. I have a couple of electric cars that will outrun any nitro, but I get bored pretty fast when I drive them. Like you said, they feel like toys. With nitro's the experience is totally different, I don't get even a little bored after running all day. I get pretty tired sometimes, but not bored.

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    Typically threads like this take a turn south of a nitro vs electric war. I'll leave it open at this time for discussion only but will close it at the first hit otherwise.
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    I just got a revo so dont know too much on how it drives been wet or too hot to go out but i have a slash 4x4 that i have built its been my own special little project and love it any day. Theres no better feeling than when you go to the track and race truggys and buggys and win with a little short corse truck.

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