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    slipper clutch tightness on t-maxx 3.3

    So I was letting my 11 year old nephew use my t-maxx 3.3 and I noticed or kind of felt slipper clutch was loose so I left it like that so it wouldnt weelie to easy on him. Now I want to set it up for me to weelie if I want to. My tune seems fine. Ok I snugged up slipper clutch nut and then loosened up about 1/8 turn. Is that about right? I cannot test now cuse its about 114 degrees outside and Ill burn up my skin bad testing it. Note its using stock brake pad looking slipper clutch pads....


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    i set mine by holding the spur and pushing the truck if it spins im good if not then losein it till it barley spins i like mine a lil on the tight side with the carbon pads but will be experimenting with the new aluminum ones i just put in
    men drive nitro

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