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    Jato E Conversion build with pictures.

    About a month ago I decided to take my old Jato I got as a Christmas gift back in 2005 off the shelf and give it new life. I happened to have a 2200Kv Mamba Monster system that I wasn't using, so I started my new project. Pictures will be added shortly.

    Those are pictures taken over the course of the last month or so. Today I was at work at Hobby People and went to run the Jato on my break, when I realized something wasn't quite right. So when I got home today I found this...
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    I like the look of that thing, and by looking at the pictures shes got some kind of power! if your blowing tranny parts maybe switch it over with a single speed conversion? But man id like to see that thing run. Great Build!
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    I ran Mmp-3800 on 3s, geared 18/54 it was pretty good. I locked the slipper, also got rid of the throttle servo, had reverse, and brakes on mine working through the motor.

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