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    Smile Slash motor and ESC replacement

    Hi everyone,

    I bought my first slash two months ago and unfortunately I got water in the motor and have stuffed the motor and ECS.

    I need to get a replacement and need some help please.

    I have looked at ebay and have found a Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro SCT 2400 kv for $200.

    I was wondering if anyone had tried one of these?
    If so, are they any good, do they take the same batteries as the original and will it go as fast ?

    Otherwise does anyone have any other ideas?

    Thanks heaps and I appreciate your assistance here as I am pretty new to this.


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    This is a 2400 cc mamba max combo in a 2wd slash.
    Not a good idea.
    I run this one at 29/86 on 2s in the pro open class,the low kv motor really needs at least 3s to make it perform.
    Imo you would be better off with this,cc 38000kv with the sidewinder or mamba max,The mamba max is about $100 more.
    This can be had for $100 complete,and on 2s will smoke the 2400kv,unless you use a 3 or 4s lipo.
    kv's times volts=rpm's.
    Here's a pic of the 3800 installed,the 2400 is on the couch.
    The 3800 on 2s geared 25/86 is two mph faster then the 2400kv on 3s with the same gears.
    Built Ford Tuff With Chevy Stuff.

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    Some interesting stuff you've posted billy

    I reccomend the 3800kv motor
    I too have both the 2400 and 3800
    For a 2wd a 2400 is impractical
    The 3800 is just right
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    i have castle creations sidewinder sct combo 3800kv. it's fast & i like it.

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