about a year ago, i upgraded my brushed 1/16 summit with a vxl setup off ebay. i believe the setup was taken from a new in box 1/16 mustang/onroad version of the chassis.

are the output shafts different for different models of 1/16 vxl motors? this one's shaft is about 1/4-3/8" too short, so my pinion's setscrew is always at the end of the shaft to get the proper mesh with the spur gear..

i also upgraded the battery to using a single 11.1v 3s lipo.

the plain and short of it is that the truck is way to stinkin' fast. it's to the point where i too easily loose control of it driving it down the street, which is really taking the fun out of driving it.

the truck started with a 50t spur and a 24t pinion, i have since purchased the 55t spur(traxxas), and 15,17, and 20t pinions(all robinson brand).

the problem i'm having is that when i use anything less then the 20t pinion, no matter how tightly i set the gear mesh, i WILL strip the spur gear.

i believe the solution is to find either a longer vxl brushless shaft, or to find a longer set of pinion gears..

any ideas?