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    Rebuilding old E-Maxx need some help on battery & speed control combo....

    I am in the middle of rebuilding an original E-Maxx that I bought a decade ago. I quit using it because I had upgraded it with a hacker brushless motor & the speed control technology wasn't up to par at the time. Here's what I am working with:
    -E-Maxx with the old body
    -upgraded gearbox with aluminum gears
    -upgraded diffs with aluminum gears
    -upgraded shocks
    -upgraded aluminum shock towers
    -upgraded aluminum a-arms
    -upgraded steel drive shafts & cv joints
    -Hacker B50-12S 3300 k/v motor (that I want to use & not upgrade)
    -Original traxxas radio

    Here's what I want to upgrade to:
    -Futaba 3PL 2.4 gHz radio
    -Monster 2 Mamba Speed Control
    -Either (2) 2S LIPO 3200 mAh 25c/45c batts (in series) or
    (2) 3S LIPO 3200 mAh 25c/45c batts (in parallel)
    -A duratrax dual lipo battery charger

    I am mainly wondering what battery set-up would work best to keep the motor/speed control cool? I know everyone is using the 2200 Kv motors but I have barely used this hacker motor & it had more power than I knew what to do with when I was running (2) 6-cell NICAD 1300 mAh batts with a schulze speed control. The speed control would constantly shut off because of heat. Please any help would be great!

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    I've ran 6s 30c 5000mah on 68/17 w The Castle 2200kv setup for 2 years and never once overheated

    And I'll add I couldn't be happier. Best toy I've ever owned,

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