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    check this out every one-hope i can do it at that age

    I was on my phone under health news and this was on there. People I don't know about you but I would like to be able to lift that much or atleast 150 at that age if I'm here still.
    If link don't work ill see if I can fix it on my computer but hope it does work.
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    that was some serious lifting for a man his age, + infinity to him

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    If i make it to 91. I hope i can lift a e-revo, or my e-maxx lol. That's all that will matter. i also hope i remember where i put it, lol
    I'm not krazy. My mother had me tested.

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    Physical weakness is caused by mental laziness, a strong mind equals a strong body. Regardless of your age, if you never stop you'll always be able to. One day I was laying some carpet in the house of a 94 year old man that was on the side of a mountain. I heard a mower go by the window and looked out to see him pushing the mower up his very, very steep yard. After a couple of hours he came in to see how we were doing. I asked him, "how are you still able to do that at your age?" He seemed confused and a bit annoyed by the question and answered, "what do you mean, I always have." I decided at that moment I would never stop or slow down because of my age. Twenty five years later I haven't and never will.

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