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    I was wondering what you guys have done to make your truck faster? I'm looking to go faster, but can't decide what to do.

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    Gearing on a nitro is all give and take. Gear it for outrageous top speed and you lose alot of bottom end torque and vice versa. There's alot of options to change gearing. Going higher tooth count on the clutch bell and smaller spur gear will increase top speed. Also you can use a wide ratio transmission gear set to achieve more top speed as well.

    Where I run my truck, stock gearing is actually too fast and not enough torque for what I need. I run the stock clutch bell and spur size but a close ratio transmission gear set and it's perfect for what I do with it. It's just trial and error. You have to play around with the gearing until you find what you like.

    Other than slapping a 28 size big block on it that's about it.
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