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    Couple questions..

    I have seen (if I saw it right) that the slayer's rear bumper stock is okay to mount the sway bar kit? Or does it still need the wing bumper?
    Second question is what does diff fluid do? I'm planning on getting a center diff and didnt know what the different fluids did? Hanks!

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    I have a stock bumper and the sway bar mounted up fine, and the diff fluid changes how the power is distributed to each tire when there is slippage. If you have a thicker fluid more power will be with the tire that has the grip. A lighter fluid will transfer the power to the tire that is slipping. With a center diff it adjusts the power between the front and the rear diffs depending on grip and fluid thickness.

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    Are the fluids interchangeable with one another?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyRacer View Post
    Are the fluids interchangeable with one another?
    You can change fluid whenever you want. You want to use only silicone based diff fluids. If you change thickness you want to disassemble the diff and clean all the old fluid out and re assemble the diff and put the new thickness fluid in. It's usually not recommended to mix different thickness fluids unless you know what the outcome will be in viscosity. There may be a chart somewhere on the internet on what thicknesses to mix for a custom viscosity. Most people usually don't bother going into that much detail and just buy the thickness they want.

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