Bought a velineon motor from him. No contact from him for about 3 days, Said he had an emergency which I totally understand. Things happen I know as I am disabled myself, but communication would have been good. Then he said he sent it out and came back. About 7 days later finally he told me sent it out again and would send me 2 motors for my patience and would post me a tracking number in a few minutes. That was 2 weeks ago. No word yet and no motor or motors, no tracking number.

This was my first purchase on here and was for my 4 year old son. Guess i need to read more as per the rules. I trust people to easy i guess. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I am not rich and cannot just give money away. What a shame. Oh well live and learn. If I ever get the motor I will retract this statement except for the communication part as that is key when buying from someone.

Sorry had to vent a little, but beware. Don't know what to do now.