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    lipo conected in series

    Hi, just wanted to ask if you can put 2 lipo batt conected in series. becouse i was reading the user manual and it only talked about 12nimh cells or 3S lipo, my cuestion is if i can conect in series 2 2S lipo. wouldnt it be 4S in total? sorry about my writing, im from Spain. Thanks

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    1/16th with stock 3800kv motor vxl3m esc correct. it would be 4s in series, and not recommended is series. it has been done with lvc turned off. but it also may fry your esc instantly. thats why they say use at your own risk. you can run two 2s lipos parallel. this one- 3s is the max for this vxl3m
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    More important than being would be 14.8v...which is more than the esc is rated for.
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    I've run mine in series plenty of times, yeah, against recommendations, but I HAD to know how fast I could get it to go!!!I turned the LVD off, it got hot after about 10 min and went into thermal shutdown. Once it cooled, it ran fine again. And actually, a fully charged 2S LiPo is 8.4V, so 2...16.8V. I've got 3 cars with the VXL3M ESC in them, and have run them all on 4S. No failures yet!

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