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    How to replace the slipper clutch

    Soo today was bashing around was doing high speed passes. Next thing I know the truck barely was moving I can hear the motor spinning up. Check the slipper, and tightened it all the way down. Still the same sound and it smelled like plastic was burning. Went to the hobby store and picked up part # tra7152.

    Took apart the tranny and the slipper is flush with the gear? Does that mean slipper is done?

    Also should I have brought the gear that the slipper clutch should go into? Cause I can't get the old slipper clutch off. Tried with pliers and flat head and it just chips pieces off the clutch?

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    Sounds like you might need a new spur gear. #TRA7046R (50T) or #TRA7047R (55T).
    Sometimes the old clutch pad and the spur gear melts together. Makes it unusable.
    Check if the bearing on the outer side of the spur is still OK + removeable.
    If not you need that too.

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