So i had bought a new tqi 2.4ghz radio and reciever back in like december or january for my rustler but just installed it and drove it a few days ago. I found that i loses signal after about id say 150 feet..It will just like cut off and i have to walk closer to it until it picks up again. The antenna is fine, no kinks or anything, I took it to the LHS and they said it is probably the reciever although i have no way to test it. I don't want to waste money if im not 100% sure its the reciever. Is it most likely that or can it be the remote to? Which one would it most likely be.

By the way is there any radio systems out there better than the traxxas tqi. They tried to sell me one at the LHS, i think it was a spektrum for like $60, not sure what model but is that a better brand then traxxas because i was thinking about just getting that unless i know for sure my reciever is no good.