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    70/30 - what will actually change?

    Hey Guys,

    I barely ever use reverse with my XO-1. So I was thinking of changing the radio from 50/50 to 70/30 - but I honestly have no idea what will actually change?

    Does it mean that 70% of the "power" will go to Throttle?

    Does it mean that 70% of the range of motion will be dedicated to Throttle?

    What will I actually see / feel if I make this change?

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    It will give you more motion for throttle 70% forward and 30% reverse. I can see it working really good with this car, even though I havent tried it yet. You get a better throttle feel. When you change it to 70/30 you need to repogram your ESC and Tx for the changes. Look at Pg.13-16 in your Castle Driver's ED Guide to make these changes. Once you do it a couple of times it'll be like second nature to you. Its a good idea whenever you update your ESC to follow with this. It assures your throttle is still in order. So anytime you change back and forth it needs to be done.

    Hope this helps.
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