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    Antenna broken on my TQ 2.4 SUMMIT TX

    If anyone has an idea on how or where I can get this part I would be grateful.

    My GF's 2 year old bent back the stubby hinged antenna on my Summit Radio and cracked one of the little lock pins ( not a big deal ) but continued to pull the antenna completely out of the radio. The wire is completely in tact down to the silver nub which seems to go into a brass clip. The clip then clips to the green PC board in the radio. I've tried to fix it but no progress yet.

    It would kill me to have to buy a 75$ radio. Is it possible to order just the antenna ? If so, does anyone know a part number or vendor ?



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    There is no need to start another thread on the same issue... Traxxas considers it spamming.

    To answer your question properly I am going to need a picture of the damage.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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