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    Grave digger emaxx reverse issue

    Hello traxxas community. Let me just start with that I am a huge fave of the traxxas electric trucks.

    Anyways I recently built my son a grave digger emaxx. This the fourth emaxx I've customized. The truck came out great!! But I am having an issue with electronics. I am running a v-twin I have two TACON 1/10 scale brushless motors and two Leopard 60amp brushless esc's. I don't have of experience working with these two brands and I know they are cheaper. They run good when they move forward it's reverse that's weird. It's really weak and slow and jerks some especially when it bumps something. I've ran the systems separately and still have the same issues. I've also followed the directions on box to calibrate the esc's and still nothing. I just need the solution even if that means something is garbage. Can anyone help?


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    It could just be that one of your combos isn't reversing like it should? I have had these set ups and sometimes the reverse doesn't really want to work. That would be my guess but I don't really think that's what it is. Your situation sounds a little bit different than what mine was
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    Not familiar with that Esc, but first should be recalibrate the Esc, second check if there is any function on the Esc that is limiting the reverse.

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