E Revo 1/10 brushed with Lipo's. I recently went from a 19T pinion to a 16T to try to keep the heat down on the motors, but now I can't keep the front tires on the ground. I was told by dropping the pinion down it help the motors run cooler and I'd get more torque, which is nice for the track. But if I can't keep the front tires down it's a pain to drive. Dirt, gravel, sand, anything honestly. I just ordered a nice wheelie bar for running around the house, but I'm not sure I can run it on the track. I just need a way to keep the front end down. I've also noticed that when I hit a good corner, I have quite a bit of body roll. What can fix that? I ordered some better springs so I'm hoping that will work. I also have some new 17T pinon gears that I can throw in if advised. What's your suggestions??