Wheel wells are to small but other than having to set it up higher than I wanted to keep the wheels from rubbing came out pretty good in my book. Could be better but have been looking for one of these for a long time and this one was never used due to a slight paint flaw. Shocks have the double orange springs all around with 40 wt oil and Variable Damping Kit for fast rebound w/lots of give for crawling, so the truck will go over obstacles rather than bounce over them LOL. Body is attached with velcro, and so far seems to hold it well....time will tell tho, truck is made to crawl and thats it, not a speed demon.
So without further adieu here is the New Bright Jeep Wrangler Summit!

New Bright stickers will be removed when I figure out how to do it without messing up the windshield or paint.