whats up guys, new to the forums...and well, the r/c world too.

i got me a brand new rustler xl-5 this past christmas and i love it. it's quite a bit of fun i will say.

dont have many problems out of it so far. i have however upgraded a few parts and pleeeease....dont bash me too hard for this, but.. i went for some aluminum upgrades and went integy. i got the front and rear lower control arms which seem pretty sturdy (i try not to bash too hard, but when you see a chance for some air... :P) and i also got integy caster blocks...which are, off? my passenger side has more negative caster. but, during the installation i did find that the stock rods that connect the spindle to the caster blocks were bent to crap (apparently i did more bashing then i thought..) but i was happy to find that out.

absolutely need either new caster blocks or adjustable upper control arms, i guess i'll wait for something to break before that.

now, the real question. i am wondering about the age old question of what battery, esc and motor. i've heard nothing but good about castle creations (wanting a brushless upgrade) and am really looking in to going that route. i definitely want explosive power, but also looking for something to give me a good long run...more than an exciting 20-25 mins on the stock battery lol.

also wondering what would be some must need's for some fun track racing which is what i really want to do. thanks guys/girls, i'm going to try and get some pics up and anything else i should probably know then any input is awesome!!! looking forward to learning about this stuff and having an all around blast!