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Impressive build Zane!! I am really liking those green beadlocks. Are you still liking them and holding up well with that brushless system? Maybe one day I can have a rig like that...well the 3903 verison anyways lol. Keep up the great work buddy!
Thanks!! I love the Maximizer beadlocks, for me they are easier than gluing and are well constructed. The bead hasn't popped out at all. I am looking forward to see how they hold up with 5s once I get my new brushless system, I don't think there will be any issues. The downside is that the beadlocks are 3.2" wheels so tire choices are limited. I wish that Proline would make 3.2" tires again. I don't care for the size of the 3.8" rims, they are just to big. They make the monster truck look more like a donk. Fortunately I have been buying every set of 3.2" Mashers that come up on eBay. These should last me awhile.

I have found a couple more sets on other websites but I usually find them cheaper on eBay. The set in the older style package only cost me $15.50 + shipping. I also have a set of Proline 3.2" Maxx Sand Paddle tires on the way to try out when it snows, I got them for cheap with rims but will put them on the beadlocks when the time comes.