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    Brushless 3906: First hobby grade rc

    I was on another site but decided to start a thread here, seems like the E-Maxx section is still alive.

    A couple months ago I went into a hobby shop with my son to buy an RC. I was originally looking for a DuraTrax Baja Bug, I have a 69' Baja and my son wanted a small one. The hobby shop didn't have any in stock and the hobby shop guy didn’t seem to like DuraTrax, so I decided not to get one. Not wanting to disappoint my son by not getting him an RC that day I started looking at other vehicles. My son noticed a monster truck and decided that was the one he wanted. It was used and the price was cheap. I bought it not really knowing what I had bought I was a complete NooB. After doing some research I found that I had bought a 3906. I was a little disappointed that the hobby shop didn’t let me know what model it was but there was nothing I could really do about it since they were selling it on consignment. The first run my son hit a railroad tie in my backyard and broke a bulkhead, this one incident started my obsession with making the 3906 strong enough and stable enough for him to be able to handle it better and not have it breaking all the time. I have learned so much from forums like this one and from YouTube videos. Anyway here it is, if anyone has any suggestions that would make this Emaxx better post it I enjoy input and I’m still kind of new to RC.

    Emaxx 3906

    Castle Creations motor fan
    Brushless Differentials front and rear. 100k diff. lube in front, 100k diluted with 30k in the rear
    Hobbywing SC8 WP esc
    Kershaw Designs HD Slipper Spring
    Lunsford titanium hinge pins
    Newer Emaxx Axles/Carriers (Front)
    Newer Emaxx steering with servo saver built in
    Proline Maxx Masher Tires
    Robinson Racing Double-Disc Slipper
    Robinson Racing 66t Spur / 22t Pinion
    RPM Arms front
    RPM Bulkhead Braces (Emaxx came with these already installed)
    RPM Center Skid
    RPM Shock Towers
    RPM True-Track Rear
    RPM Revolver StableMaxx Wheels
    2 SPC 2s 5000mah 30c lipos
    T-Bone Racing Bumpers front and rear
    Traxxas 2.4GHz transmitter modded to 3 channel and waterproof receiver box
    Traxxas Aluminum Bulkheads front and rear
    Traxxas center CVD’s (had to use MIP cups because of the shorter pinion in new differentials)
    ******* 2100kv 4-pole

    I also have a new set of Unlimited Engineering steel idlers to install just waiting for stock idlers to fail.

    I didn't paint the body I bought it this way. I am not artistic at all, no painting skills. The body still needs to be lowered a little, just have to cut the bumper slots in the body.

    This is what it looked like with the 775:

    Brushless (Since this picture I have added a Castle Creations motor fan and reinstalled the dust cover):

    Future Upgrades:

    Maximizer Beadlock wheels. I absolutely dislike gluing and removing glued on tires. Also I stripped the inside of one of my RPM Wheels.

    Extending the chassis. I want to do this just to have a bigger choice of bodies.
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