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    Newbie seeking advice on Battery and charger

    I am looking at purchasing the slash 58024 with no battery and charger (open on where to purchase!). I'm not racing, just bashing and looking at dependability and ease of use as kids may take their turn on it. Looking for suggestions from you experts on what batteries and charger. I would like two batteries and charger and would like to keep it somewhere around $200.00 (or under) for the batteries and charger. A quick charger would be best.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    We are limited on what we can say about battery's and different brand names.
    But I will tell you this.
    I just bought a new 20amp charger and separate power supply for about $200,and wow,what a difference,and its not even a top notch name.
    Today at the track other people were using my charger while theirs was taking an hour.
    It will charge a 5500mah lipo in 10 to 15 minutes,about 20 for a good balance charge.(If the lipo will take a 3 or 4c charge)
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    the biggest thing i can say is get a good charger to start with so you never have to buy another one. i already had 4 lipos and none of them would charge at higher than a 1c rate so the extra charge power didnt mean much to me anyway. i went with the hitec x4 ac plus and i truely do love it. charges 4 batteries at once and has 4 seperate power supplies and screens for ease of use. but the charger was marked as 209 on the box at lhs. i talked them into giving me the charger and the proline performance steering links ($30 alone) for $225 cash. but a good charger to get you started would be the onyx 245. it does 2 batteries at once and runs about $115 i think. then you can pick up some spc lipos. they will take up to a 2c max charge rate. but you can get a 30c 5000mah 2s lipo for $30 each. so that charger and 2 batteries would be under your $200 goal, and 3 batteries would be just over your $200 goal.
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