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    When you make tires softer to follow the off road surface better, they will balloon more. So it's a matter of doing consessions. Good off road traction and ballooning often go hand in hand. Imagine a 1/1 monster truck doing relatively the same speed. Even if you would take a factor of 5 instead of 10, I guess a 1/1 monster truck doing 150mph would already suffer from ballooning tires.

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    Just to chime in i love my trenchers untaped on and off road but thats just me....peace
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    I have not had too many issues with 2s and the Trenchers. I have not even tried running 3s, I feel they are way too soft for that kind of power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullseye revo View Post
    you can boil the wheels and tires, that will make the ca glue very brittle and you can separate the tires from the wheels without damaging anything.
    Thank you for the info.....
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