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    Need an esc asap!!!

    I have a E-MAXX Brushless. It is one of the new models. I bought it used, but the truck itself was BRAND NEW! I didnt know enough about the Speed Control and AMPS and this and that. Shoot the last R/C I had was a Nitro Sport back in 2003! So the guy I got this new EMAXX from had taken the Mamba Monster Motor and ESC out so he could put it in another truck. Well it had a 35amp Hobbywing ESC linked with a 9T4300KV brushlesss motor. Needless to say with that brute of a truck it didnt hold up long. So I am now looking to buy a new motor and ESC. I have found a few new combo kits that are made for the truck, but they want upwards of $200. I got this truck for my nephew and I, so I can get him into the hobby and only got to use it once. If anyone out there has a brushless system that they are willing to part with, PLEASE text me. Thanks
    -Greg 810-882-7111

    PLEASE GUYS! THROWING OUT LIFELINES for like two weeks and no one can help...

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    They might close this thread but you might have better luck looking on, or others. Also this would be better suited for the E-maxx brushless forum. Good luck!
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    35amp Hobbywing ESC linked with a 9T4300KV brushlesss motor
    Sounds like a 1/10th setup, will never last in an EMaxx. I'll send you a link to a decent 1/8th setup.

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