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    3.3 won't start factory carb settings

    I'm still battling this thing. Here's the situation:Got the Jato last summer, ran it hard and put it up wet ( I know, dumb). Went to open it up and make the necessary repairs this year to run, changed a few chassis parts and it wouldn't run. Replaced the piston and sleeve, connecting rod, carb body, clutch brakes, cleaned the engine, set the carb back to factory settings and now it won't start unless the slide is set to almost half way open. I ran the first couple tanks to break in and it seemed ok but would die frequently. It'll idle with the trim set to let the slide rest on the idle set screw but the screw is tightened all the way down and it idles rough after a high speed pass for a minute, but just starting it and letting it run the trim has to be set to hold the slide open almost half way. Could it be the brass washer between the crank case and the head is damaged or maybe the head? I've been building and repairing nitro models for years, so I know what I'm doing. Thisthing has me stumped. Traxxas support was great help when I called, when I asked the tech about it he said 'I' don't know, man. Uh....take it somewhere?', thanks...

    Anything you guys got would be appreciated. I really don't want to have to replace the 3.3 considering i just spend over $100 replacing the guts on the one I have.

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    No need for a second thread on the same topic. Pull up your first one.
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