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    Traxxas EZ Peak Plus Fan noise.

    I just bought a handful of 2s lipos, and The charger has been great until around the 5th charge. The fan now will spin fast and slow, making a heck of a racket, but then speeds up normally and don't sound like crap.

    I could take the fan out and re lube the bushings, but I would imagine it would void my warranty just like anything else. I took the charger back to the hobby store, and they didn't have anything else or another Traxxas unit. I don't want to spend the time to ship this back to Traxxas, As I don't want to wait for weeks before I get back or replaced.

    My question is, what size fan and what plug does the fan use if any. I have a lot of PC parts, but what to know what the specs of the fan is before I void my warranty for nothing. thanks.
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