Hi, I am brand new to nitro or any R/C for that matter.
I cant get my Slayer to tune correctly. Ive read just about every forum post and web site for anything from Redcat to Traxxas. I dont understand the lingo used to describe the needles, and I have a few questions I hope can be answered.
1/ What way should the vehicle face when tuning? Front facing right or left? When opening or closing the needles wouldnt it make a difference?
2/ The truck is broken in, was shifitng into second. I let a friend of mine tune it for me and lost 2nd and its running horribly. From factory where should the grub screw in the tranny be set? What size tool is used to rotate it? I've used 1.5 and 2, nothing seems to be getting into the screw. At what point is correct for the 2nd gear to kick in?
3/ I had a runaway truck. Throttle set all the way open..the TQI failsafe did not work. I wanted to add a Redcat failsafe but can not get it to work. I have a throttle return spring in place as i have changed all the boxes for the electronics over to Revo style. Can I use an aftermarket failsafe with the TQI?
4/ General tuning question. Does everyone set back to factory after they run the vehicle? Or do you start where you left off? I cant believe these trucks are this complicated to use...I am guessing im over thinking it.
From videos I cant seem to pinpoint correct idle speed. I hear it run fast and one guy says its rich, another says its lean.
Sorry for the mouthfull here, I just cant get the truck to run and I would love to play with it. I have always wanted one...i'm glad I have it but now I want to play with it.
Thanks again for any help. Matt