OK I just bought a Slash 4x4 Ultimate off of craigslist. It came with a bunch of extra parts, batteries and a charger. The upgrades it has on it is Pro-Line coil overs all the way around, alum shock towers, alum motor mount, center diff, Pro-Line Caliber SE tires, Traxxas cooling fan on the ESC and the normal upgrades on the Ultimate. I changed the center diff back to the slipper clutch, I think its better for bashing, and right now I have it geared 18/54. I just bought a Venom 5000 35c 3s Lipo and holy baby bearded gebus is it fast. itll start wheeling at about 50' out after i get on it. Next on the list is a Castle cooling fan for the motor. What do yall think of the Teken Redline SC4X 4.5 motor? I got one NIB with the truck and Im thinking about installing it.