So I ordered a e-Revo 5608 from Amazon brand new.

I charged up the included batteries (NIMH's) and went out for my first drive.

Breaking in the slipper clutch slowly with gradual throttle, everything was running great.

I ran for about 10-15 minutes it seemed like and then it started to make strange noises. I drove it over to me and looked at it and noticed a little smoke seemed to be coming out of where the motor/gearbox comes together.

I also noticed that there were shavings of black plastic all over the place inside. I shut everything down and brought it inside, pulled the cover off the clutch box and noticed that the gear when it turns wobbles. Looks like the plastic came out from inside that.

Has this happened to anyone right out of the box? I haven't even charged my lipo's, so this was strictly NIMH's, not beating on it at all.

I'm working with Amazon for a replacement right now as I think something was put together incorrectly (over tight, or whatever).

Any idea what happened here, so I can take a look at the replacement to make sure i don't have this same issue?