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    Robinson Racing spur gear kit

    I destroyed my stock spur gear today..admit was my fault cuz I am an idiot. Anyway I thought I would upgrade to a steel one my LHS sold me a Robinson Racing kit that has the clutch bell with the spur gear. The instructions say to use the stock bearings in the new clutch bell but they are to small and move around inside of it. Has anyone else had the same problem or did I just get lucky.

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    no dont go steel, keep the plastic spur as the weak point. just upgrade to aluminum slipper pads.
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    check the tooth count on the RR bell and the count on the stock bell... If the stock one is lower... more then likely the BB will be smaller. You will need to go to the LHS and get the right size BB. Good luck man.

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    +1 on the Aluminum Slipper pads and keeping stock (plastic) spur.

    Got to have a point of failure some where and the cheaper parts is where i prefer to fail. A spur gear is $3 vs a something worse like a expensive clutch or a trans. just my .02 cents
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    +2 on the plastic spur. I use to think that steel was the way to go, it's not. Unless your using like a .30 or .32 bb engine, plastic spur will work fine with a good mesh and loctite on the engine screws.

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