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    my traxxas rally story

    normally i don't do endorsements, just not me, but i have to share this. first what do you get when you mix a 5lb rc car with a real 2000lb car? normally one big pile of parts.. well just a little while ago, i was out on the street running my Traxxas rally car, you know the big red and black one, a car comes up the street towards me, i move over, i send the car to the other side of the street, its closer, out of the way and wouldn't you know it she made a b-line straight for it, "CRUNCH" is all i hear, and i'm madder than a wet cat!. I'm standing there thinking "this woman done ran over my car" now i have $478 worth of parts, after she runs over it she stops 2 or 3 yards from it, she gets out, not able to speak english babbling something i don't understand, i look over and say just go on and next time watch where the heck your going..i moved over to the side of the road, gave her plenty of space and she still ran over it.. well i get to the car, the top os smashed down to the chassis and its leaning..the bodies are Lexan so and it was not torn so i knew it would be ok.. i reach under and pop it back into shape, i remove the body pins and took it off, and to my surprise the only thing broken was the right front shock, thats all...i was amazed,,"if you'd heard the crunch you'd understand". Now everyone in this hobby, or the people who know, will always tell you the Traxxas makes the most durable line of RC's on the market..for me I've always thought it was hype... well I'm definitely witness to just how durable they are..i don't recommend just going out and challenging a real car with your RC in a game of chicken, but its nice to know if you do have an Oh Crap moment, your probably not out the money you've spent.. anyway, i came inside and replaced the shock, (i had upgraded the stock ones to Big Bore Shocks) took it back out and it ran like a champ.. (the endorsement part) anyone looking to just start in this hobby, (and I'm betting most of you on here won' if its your first hobby grade RC, i'd recommend Traxxas, they are really as durable as they claim.. i kinda wish i had taken a pic of it after she ran over it but i didn't, in fact that was the last thing on my mind.. but below is a pic of the broken shock, next to one of the spare stock shocks.. im really amazed,,,yeah yeah yeah...i know, but you all know how much us guys love our cars.. even the RC

    Edited for language. Please watch out for the stars and symbols. Great story though! -NC
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    wow thank to the lcg chassis

    now im thinking that if you had the original slash 4x4 chassis would have been i diffrent story

    thank you for shareing nitecap2k
    summit /mustang /stampede-2s spc lipo

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