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    Mini E Revo VXL Brushless Battery question

    Okay so i bought a mini e revo off the internet for about 300$ i have had it for maybe about 2
    months now and every time i run it i notice the battery gets extremely hot so i have to wait a while before i
    plug the battery in to charge..i mainly drive it on my street or take it out back into the dirt and drive it
    off road a little.. recently i noticed it has been getting hotter then normal and then speed from when i first
    got it is not the same at all the battery i have is stock and i noticed that the little plastic cover on it
    protecting the actual battery (silverish part) started to peel from getting so hot but when i check the temp
    of the motor the motor isnt hot at all anyways i was wondering if the speed problem i mean it goes really
    slow i could go to walmart and find a little 10$ rc that goes faster then this thing right now im thinking its
    the battery because of how hot it got and its just worn out i guess but tell me what you guys think..
    oh yea i never turned on the speed control for training mode so i know it cant be that i have nitro...thanks
    for the answers in advanced!

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    I'd bet you are using the stock nimh battery...yes they get really hot.
    Also...pretty much junk.

    Get yourself a couple 2s Lipo batteries and a lipo charger.
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    Bro I agree with DCFOX , go try the 2S lipo, and u will get back to the Nimh battery again.
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