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    lets talk about round e round setups

    title says it all, lets talk about them. im going to start racing.

    track is scaled down 1/4 mile dirt oval with like a clay/sand mix.

    recomended tires are duratrax posse super soft for rear. duratrax shotgun super soft for rear. and aka enduro super soft for rear. not sure on fronts that much yet but for the 2wd one guy has basically the super soft proline street fighters (but not prolines) and he said they do fairly well. not a small enough track to want a mid motor configuration and the one guy who has it does better on the smaller track, most people do better with rear motor config. other than that not sure what my starting point should be really as far as ride height, springs, shock oil ect.

    2wd short course 2013 rules.

    1.) any stock 2wd sc truck ROAR rules (more of a guideline)

    2.) not tire/wheel rule other than must be a stock size 2.2/3" wheel.

    3.) any motor configuration

    4.) stock short course body (so no modding it with holes, wings, spoilers,ect)

    5.) 2cell lipo or 7 cell nimh batteries only

    6.) no weight can be added

    now rag6, i seen you were starting to toss out motor setups in the other one, but i was basically just looking for rules as far as what flies and what doesnt before i went lcg and what not. so if you dont mind post back up in here for full setup help

    lcg is a must for me. just not sure which one i should run. only thing im aware of at this moment is that it should be a rear engine setup.

    upgrades i have now are as follows

    rpm front and rear shock towers
    rpm carriers on rear, with fronts on order
    de racing wheels (which i love)
    m2 compound trencher sc tires taped inside (which everyone agrees suck on this track)
    strc aluminum shock caps (which leak and annoys me so much)
    strc aluminum c hubs
    45w shock oil all around
    rpm front skid plate

    upgrades i want for sure

    lcg rear engine chassis (what are all my options here?)
    proline performance steering
    race tires!

    if you want to share your setup, please feel free, and tell what kind of track you run it on. material, condition such as loose dirt, clay, sand, carpet, ect. also please note the size
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