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    What to do, what to do....

    Whats up Y'all..? So I'm selling my slash ultimate and everything that goes with it... When everything is sold, approximately 3 days from now, (eBay) I will have about $700 to spend, and I wanted some opinions.

    Do I:

    A: buy a NEW Emaxx Brushless with the 3s Lipos and the TQI and telemetry for $799.99 shipped

    B: buy an Emaxx Brushless with the NIMH batts, no telemetry or TQI w/docking base for $649.99

    C: spend $700-900 on something completely different.

    What do you all think? I'm torn right now and can't decide... Was looking for some outside opinions..

    PS. I have more money to throw down on whatever I decide... I'm not stuck to that $700 budget..
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