Finally I have gotten around to upgrading my brushed erevo into a brushless, got alot of the parts in and such but I was wanting to upgrade the slipper unit on it from the stock and was wondering about my options.

I see Robinson Racing has a gen 3 slipper unit in 65T and 60T with a hardened steel spur gear, but I do not see many people running these, is it because the traxxas HD slipper unit with aluminum pads is superior, or because of the steel spur gear? I would be using it with a hardened steel pinion with the HPP motor brace as well if it makes a difference.

Is there any other options for slipper units to consider?

Trying to make this thing as unbreakable as I can, the Mitch316 thread has been extremely valuable to this process, but did not see anything on the slippers, unless I msised it.